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Farmgate Price for Pork up 20%

Farmgate Price for Pork up 20%

The Pig Farmers Association of Ghana, led by President Kwame Appiah Danquah, declared the price hike at the annual Porktober event.

Danquah stated, “Commencing December 1, 2023, our revised farmgate rates stand at a minimum of GHS 30 per kilo for live weight and GHS 45 for carcass pork.”

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He underscored the term ‘farmgate,’ cautioning consumers that prices in urban centers like Accra might differ due to additional expenses such as transportation.

Danquah revealed the association’s pursuit of funding opportunities, aiming to strike a balance between farmers and consumers amid market dynamics and production costs.

Identifying financing as the primary challenge for pig farmers, he expressed the association’s commitment to exploring input financing options to enhance capital access and foster growth in the local pig farming industry.

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