Driver jailed for biting Police Officer’s finger during arrest.

CCTV Exposes Prison Officers aiding a Chinese Prisoner Escape

Ebenezer Nkoom, a 24-year-old commercial driver, has been sentenced to nine months in jail by the Assin-Fosu District Court for biting the fingers of a police officer while resisting arrest.

The court found Nkoom guilty of 13 charges, including causing harm, unlawful harm, resisting arrest, and other road traffic offenses. During the trial, Nkoom pleaded guilty and asked for leniency.

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The prosecution was led by Chief Inspector Gilbert Ayongo, who said that the complainants were General Constable Samuel Ayamba and Constable Sophia Essel.

The two officers were stationed at the Central North Regional Police Command of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD).

On April 7, 2023, they were assigned to manage traffic at the Assin-Fosu old market stretch of the highway when they spotted Nkoom driving a Hyundai Atos taxicab with registration number CR 1157-20.

According to Ayongo, the police officers approached Nkoom and cautioned him against picking up passengers at an un-designated place.

Nkoom was adamant and replied that he would continue to pick up passengers from that spot until the police arrested all other drivers who did the same. An hour later, Nkoom returned to the same location and was arrested by the police officers.

As the officers joined his vehicle to be driven to the Regional MTTD, Nkoom drove them to an unknown destination and attempted to escape. During his re-arrest, Nkoom resisted and bit the finger of General Constable Ayamba, causing severe injuries.

A motor rider who witnessed the incident quickly picked up the injured police officer and chased Nkoom. Nkoom drove the vehicle into a nearby bush, abandoned it and absconded.

The two officers reported the incident to Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Wonder Lumor, the Central North Regional MTTD Commander, who deployed two plain-clothed policemen and CID officers to the scene.

About an hour later, Nkoom emerged in the company of two others and was arrested to assist with investigations.

Further checks on the vehicle and documents revealed that Nkoom had failed to validate his driver’s license since February 1, 2022.

He was also driving a commercial vehicle at an unauthorized age of 24 instead of 25 years and above, without a spare tire, warning signals, and fire extinguisher, among other things.

The Assin-Fosu District Court found Nkoom guilty on all charges and sentenced him to nine months in jail.

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