Deputy Minister of Education Advocates for Inclusive Teaching to Address Learning Disabilities

Deputy Minister Rev. John Ntim Fordjour Takes Action on Adisadel College Bullying Incident

The Deputy Minister of Education, Rev. John Ntim Fordjour, has emphasized the importance of preparing graduating teacher trainees to become inclusive educators.

He believes that this approach is essential for meeting the diverse needs of children in the classroom.

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Rev. Fordjour made it clear that inclusive education should not be limited to a select group of teachers who have received specialized training.

Instead, he urged every teacher entering the profession to understand that all pupils, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, should be educated together in the same classroom.

This approach reflects how we live together in a harmonious home environment.

The statement was made during a three-day workshop on dyscalculia and dyslexia teaching strategies, held in Accra. The event was organized by the Africa Dyslexia Organization and Mission Pediatrics, with support from the British Council.

The workshop aimed to increase awareness among teachers, parents, and physicians about dyslexia and dyscalculia, two conditions that can significantly impact a person’s ability to read, write, understand numbers, and grasp mathematical concepts.

Rev. Fordjour pointed out that often, teachers take a considerable amount of time to recognize a child’s disability, leading to frustration and negative treatment of the child.

To address this issue, he stressed the importance of establishing educational assessment resource centers in every district.

These centers would facilitate early screening and assessment of children to identify any hidden disabilities and tailor education to suit their individual needs.

The founder of Africa Dyslexia Organization, Rosalind Abigail Kyere-Nartey, explained that the workshop aimed to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills to identify and support children with dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Many teachers lack awareness of these conditions, despite a significant number of children experiencing them. Early identification and personalized learning approaches can unlock the potential in these children and help them thrive.

Dr. Marilyn Marbell-Wilson, the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Mission Pediatrics, emphasized the importance of early diagnosis for dyslexia and dyscalculia.

In the past, these conditions were often misunderstood, leading to misconceptions that affected the children’s well-being. Early diagnosis can prevent the psychological trauma associated with struggling in school due to undiagnosed learning challenges.

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