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Deadly Clash Between Gonja and Mamprusi Tribes Escalates in North Gonja District

Deadly Clash Between Gonja and Mamprusi Tribes Escalates in North Gonja District

According to reports, an ongoing clash between the Gonja and Mamprusi tribes in Lukula, North Gonja district, has resulted in the deaths of at least seven people and several others injured.

Among the victims is Naa Salifu Nachinaa, the 70-year-old Mamprusi chief of the Kuwerigu Community, who was fatally shot at his residence by unidentified gunmen.

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The violence erupted early this morning after two days of tension in the community, sparked by efforts to prevent a rival chief from Daboya from arriving.

Eyewitnesses have observed the destruction of over 50 houses, primarily belonging to Mamprusi tribe members, and more than 100 individuals have fled the area. The clash involves traditional warriors from the Wasipe Traditional Area in Daboya and the Soo Traditional Area in Janga.

2 villages burnt down as Mamprusi and Gonja tribes clash | Pulse Ghana

Background: The conflict between the Gonja and Mamprusi tribes initially emerged in 2019, shortly after the establishment of the Savanna and North East Regions. The Tampulmas and Mamprusis are the dominant communities in the North Gonja district of the Savannah Region.

During the regional division, the two tribes accused the Gonja authorities of neglecting their economic and social needs, prompting them to express their desire to join the North East Region.

This decision provoked the Gonja traditional authorities in Daboya, leading to the initial clash. In April, the Gonjas attacked and completely destroyed the Mempeasem community. Subsequently, the government formed a committee to investigate the dispute.

Although the committee’s report was completed in December of last year, its implementation has encountered obstacles.

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