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Coach Andrew Owusu Calls for Increased Investment in Athlete Development

Coach Andrew Owusu Calls for Increased Investment in Athlete Development

Andrew Owusu, the Athletics coach, is advocating for increased government investment in athletics and athlete development to achieve better results.

He supports the current practice of sending academically talented local athletes to the USA on scholarships to join the collegiate athletics system.

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However, this practice has faced criticism for its failure to produce as many professional athletes as expected.

Over the past decade, approximately 100 local athletes have received scholarships, but only two of them have secured professional contracts after completing their education.

Owusu attributes this limited success to a lack of sufficient investment in athletes after they finish their collegiate careers.

He emphasizes the need to develop athletes further to reach the global level of competition, such as qualifying for world championships, Olympic games, and Commonwealth games, which requires significant financial support.

The coach believes that the government must ensure a smooth transition for athletes from the collegiate system into professional practice.

He views the lack of support beyond the collegiate level as the main obstacle to producing more professional athletes.

Instead of considering the current situation a failure, Owusu urges the country to focus on sustaining athletes even after their collegiate careers, enabling them to continue representing Ghana in international competitions.

Transitioning from collegiate athletics to becoming a professional athlete brings new challenges, including the responsibility for their own health insurance, upkeep, and payments for coaches and physiotherapists.

These financial burdens can become significant and hinder their progress. To address this, Owusu suggests that the government invests more in supporting athletes to compete at the global stage successfully.

Andrew Owusu advocates for increased government support and investment in athletics and athlete development to ensure that talented athletes can reach their full potential and achieve success on the international stage.

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