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Christian Atsu saved me – Actor

Christian Atsu saved me - Actor

Samuel Ofori, a Ghanaian actor and producer, credits the late Ghanaian footballer, Christian Atsu, with saving his life. Ofori recently revealed that he was on the verge of committing suicide due to false accusations against him in Germany that had tarnished his reputation. Feeling alone and hopeless, he was about to consume poisonous substances when Atsu called him to check on his well-being.

Despite ignoring all other calls, Ofori answered Atsu’s, and the conversation proved to be life-saving. Atsu listened to Ofori’s side of the story, encouraged him to ignore the negative publicity, and requested the phone number of Ofori’s Ghanaian wife to help resolve the matter quickly.

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Atsu’s intervention not only prevented Ofori from harming himself, but it also helped him regain control of his life. The two had become close friends after Atsu reached out to compliment Ofori’s talent following his appearance in the 2019 movie, Make Up Girls, featuring Jessica Williams.

Unfortunately, their friendship was cut short when Atsu perished in an earthquake in Turkey. Ofori will always be grateful to Atsu for the single phone call that saved his life.

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