Charles Aheto-Tsegah: Calls for School Closure Amid Conflict in Bawku

Charles Aheto-Tsegah: Calls for School Closure Amid Conflict in Bawku

Charles Aheto-Tsegah, a former Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), has called for the closure of schools in the Bawku Municipality due to the ongoing chieftaincy dispute in the area. The conflict has resulted in the loss of lives, injuries, and destruction of properties, which has led to students rejecting admission offers from schools in Bawku.

Aheto-Tsegah believes that the government and educational authorities in the area should take drastic and long-term measures to resolve the situation. He argued that it is crucial to ensure the safety of students since no one knows the extent to which the conflict may escalate. He added that it is not appropriate to force students to attend school in an area with potential dangers.

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During an interview with Selorm Adonoo on Eyewitness News on Citi FM, Aheto-Tsegah suggested that the government should seize the opportunity to redistribute students to other schools and close the schools in Bawku. He stressed that this would allow students to continue their education while ensuring their safety.

The Free SHS Secretariat in the Upper East Region has acknowledged the situation and is providing counselling services to students placed in schools in the area.

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