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Cash bouquets and hampers are illegal: Social Media reacts to BoG’s directive

Cash bouquets and hampers are illegal: Social Media reacts to BoG's directive

As news of the Bank of Ghana’s warning spread on social media, there were mixed reactions from the public.

While some people criticized the practice of using currency notes as bouquets and hampers, others saw it as harmless and a creative way of gifting money.

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Several users expressed concern about the cost of replacing defaced or spoiled notes, and the impact it could have on the economy.

Some also noted that using currency notes as decorations could promote wastefulness and a lack of respect for money.

Others, however, argued that the warning was unnecessary, and that people should be free to use their money as they please.

They pointed out that the practice had been around for a long time and had not caused any significant harm.

Overall, the social media reaction to the Bank of Ghana’s warning was divided, with some people supporting the move to preserve the quality of the currency, while others defended the practice of using money as gifts or decorations.

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