Cape Coast Technical University Best Engineering Student awarded by Kasapreko Company Limited

Cape Coast Technical University Best Engineering Student awarded by Kasapreko Company Limited

During the 2023 congregation of a technical school in Ghana, Mr. Addo was awarded the Kasapreko Excellence Award for being the best student this year.

As part of the award, he received a cash prize of GH₵3000, a laptop, and a commemorative plaque. Additionally, he will undertake his National Service at Kasapreko Company Limited, a Ghanaian-owned company that produces alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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According to Mr. Solomon Owusu Bonnah, the HR Manager at Kasapreko Company Limited, the award is aimed at bridging the gap between academic and industry practices by providing technical students with practical experience to enhance their skills.

He also stated that the award encourages and motivates students to excel in their studies and become leaders in their communities.

The company believes that investing in technical education is essential for the growth of the manufacturing industry and the development of the country.

The Dean of Student Affairs at Cape Coast Technical University, Prof. Charles Emmanuel Oppon, expressed appreciation for the initiative and encouraged the company to consider awarding female engineering students who excel in their courses.

Mr. Addo expressed his delight at receiving the Kasapreko Excellence Award, and he looks forward to making an impact during his period of service with the company.

The Kasapreko Excellence Award is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility to support technical student graduates in Ghana by recognizing their academic excellence and providing them with financial support to further their education or start their careers.

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