BECE 2023 – Alleged Squandering of BECE Registration Funds by Head Teacher – C/R

BECE 2023 - Alleged Squandering of BECE Registration Funds by Head Teacher - C/R

Several final-year Junior High School (JHS) students in the Gomoa East district faced distress during the BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination) due to the alleged misappropriation of registration fees by their head teacher.

On the morning of August 7, 2023, as the BECE commenced, the head teacher of Gomoa Budu Atta D/A Junior High School was conspicuously absent.

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Some of the affected students were in tears as they were unable to participate in the crucial examination.

The head teacher was accused of collecting GH¢ 400 from candidates for the purpose of registering them for the BECE, along with other associated costs.

However, he failed to fulfill his responsibility, leaving the students stranded and unable to sit for the exam.

One distraught parent reported that her daughter’s index number was missing from the examination center, rendering her unable to write the exam.

This sudden disappointment at the last moment caused emotional distress to the children and raised concerns among other parents.

The situation prompted onlookers and concerned community members to make efforts to reach out to the headmaster, but all attempts to contact him proved futile.

As a result of this unfortunate situation, some individuals in the community appealed to the government to step in and address the issue, hoping for a resolution to ensure that these students get a fair chance to take the BECE and secure their educational future.

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