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Barber Accused of Killing High School Girlfriend Found Dead

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The barber suspected of murdering his girlfriend, a second-year Senior High School (SHS) student, has been discovered deceased in Nsutam, located in the Fanteakwa South District of the Eastern Region.

According to Sompahemaa Ama Adiepena, a correspondent from Radio 1, a local resident stumbled upon the body of the deceased and promptly reported the discovery to the authorities.

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Remarkably, it turned out that the individual who reported the incident was the very suspect who had been evading law enforcement.

The reporting individual recounted, “While on my way to the fields, I came across human remains in the woods. I hurried back home and informed the police.”

Subsequently, law enforcement personnel arrived at the scene, uncovering the heavily decomposed remains of Akoumani Kwabena, also known as Emeka. A Ghana card bearing his name and a rope affixed to a tree were found alongside the remains.

The police confirmed the identity of the deceased as Akoumani Kwabena, alias Emeka. At the time of this report, the leader of Nsutam and local elders performed a libation ceremony, awaiting the town council’s instructions for the proper burial of the remains.

On June 2, 2023, published an account of the tragic demise of an 18-year-old student, Abigail Asare, a second-year attendee of New Nsutam Senior High Technical School in the Abuakwa-North District.

It was alleged that she met her untimely end due to fatal stabbing by her boyfriend.

The report outlined that on the morning of June 2, 2023, around 9 am, Abigail Asare, a resident of Accra and a second-year student, visited her boyfriend, Emeka, who was reportedly of Togolese origin. This visit occurred during the mid-term holidays, which had recently commenced.

Shortly after her visit, Emeka purportedly departed the shop without his girlfriend. Minutes later, a customer arrived at the establishment for a haircut and discovered the lifeless body of the victim lying on the floor, her body covered in blood from knife wounds.

Alarmed by the distressing scene, the eyewitness immediately alerted the Akyem-Nsutem police, who promptly informed the Kyebi police. The Kyebi Divisional Police Command promptly dispatched personnel to the scene.

The police transported the deceased student’s body to the Kyebi Government Hospital to undergo preservation and an autopsy, while investigations into the tragic incident continued.

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