Aviation and Aerospace Courses to Be Offered in 12 SHSs Starting Next Academic Year – Adutwum

Aviation and Aerospace Courses to Be Offered in 12 SHSs Starting Next Academic Year - Adutwum

In the upcoming academic year, twelve senior high schools are set to introduce courses in aviation and aerospace, as announced by Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, the Minister of Education.

This endeavor is part of a broader initiative aimed at bolstering Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education in the nation, thus equipping Ghanaian students to excel in the context of the fourth industrial revolution.

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Dr. Adutwum made this announcement at Afia Kobi Ampem Girls Senior High School, which holds the distinction of being the first SHS in Ghana to have designed a miniature airplane as part of its engineering pursuits.

His visit to the school was intended to inspire the girls who have formed an engineering club, encouraging them to strive diligently and establish themselves as trailblazers in the field of engineering, with an eye towards pursuing further education abroad.

“In the upcoming year, approximately twelve schools will be introducing academic programs in aviation and aerospace, shifting away from the realm of mere clubs,” Dr. Adutwum confirmed.

He elaborated that students would undertake these courses in conjunction with subjects such as physics, chemistry, and advanced mathematics.

The decision to introduce aviation and aerospace courses was notably influenced by the accomplishments of Afia Kobi Girls SHS in this arena.

Dr. Adutwum further elaborated that the Ministry was contemplating the transformation of the school into a dedicated STEM institution, with the aim of educating more girls in the sciences to contribute to the nation’s accelerated development across all sectors.

“This school is slated for a transformation into a STEM-focused establishment. Their pioneering work in aviation and aerospace is truly commendable at this level,” remarked the Minister.

He conveyed the government’s unwavering commitment to expanding the school’s facilities to enhance academic endeavors, highlighting the provision of well-equipped science laboratories.

Acknowledging the school’s innovative “drop everything and read” initiative, Dr. Adutwum lauded the school management for this effort and pledged to provide them with a library to further facilitate the initiative.

He expressed his confidence that within five years, the school would emerge as one of the nation’s premier educational institutions.

The Minister underscored the potential of the students to reshape Ghana’s history through STEM education, given their remarkable achievements through the engineering club.

He emphasized his Ministry’s determination to steer the school towards a stronger STEM focus and reiterated plans to provide a STEM lab, enabling students to engage in robotics and artificial intelligence projects.

Dr. Adutwum applauded the teacher guiding the engineering club, particularly acknowledging the commitment of certain non-science students within the club.

He emphasized that their efforts were instrumental in transforming the educational landscape of Ghana.

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