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Anti-LGBTQ Bill: Ghana will welcome investors who respect our cultural values – Sam George tells US Ambassador

Anti-LGBTQ Bill: Ghana will welcome investors who respect our cultural values – Sam George tells US Ambassador

Samuel Nartey George, the Member of Parliament (MP) representing the Ningo-Prampram Constituency, has responded to remarks made by the US Ambassador to Ghana, Virginia Palmer, concerning the potential repercussions Ghana might face if it proceeds with passing the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, 2021.

During the US-Ghana Business Summit on August 10, Ambassador Palmer expressed reservations that enacting the so-called anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in Ghana could dissuade American investors from considering the nation as an appealing investment prospect.

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She urged both the government and Parliament to exercise caution while contemplating the bill’s approval.

“Lots of ethnic communities contribute to Ghana’s strength, stability, and investment appeal. I hope this continues to apply to the LGBTQ+ community.

There’s financial potential for those who identify with Ghana, regardless of their affiliation.

However, any form of discrimination or worse could signal to not only LGBTQ+ investors and exporters, but also to other American investors, that Ghana is less inclusive than I currently convey,” she conveyed to journalists.

In response, Samuel Nartey George, who is also the primary advocate for the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill, found it astonishing that the US Ambassador implied that the United States would find Ghana unappealing if the nation upheld its values and rejected LGBTQI practices.

He asserted that Ghana maintains its receptiveness to international collaborations and investments from all quarters, including the United States.

He underscored that investors who embrace and appreciate the principles upheld by Ghana are likely to find a friendly environment that offers stability, democracy, and a culturally diverse landscape.

“I would like to assure both you and the US Embassy that Ghana remains open and inviting to American investors, being a stable and viable democracy.

We extend our welcome to investors who prioritize integrity and respect for cultural values in their partnerships,” he emphasized.

Mr. George questioned whether American investors are genuinely interested in investing in a country that lacks robust values and principles.

“…Shouldn’t the fundamental test of a potential partner revolve around integrity and values? Ghana, as you’re aware, is strongly against religious extremism.

Has that led American investors to view Ghana as an inhospitable investment destination due to intolerance?” he queried.

He highlighted that Ghana’s intent to pass the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill is not fundamentally dissimilar from the legal frameworks in the United States, particularly in states like Florida and Kentucky.

Additionally, Mr. George noted that the US Supreme Court’s stance on these issues bears resemblance to Ghana’s position, suggesting a shared perspective on certain values.

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