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An Open Letter to MTN, AIRTELTIGO & VODAFONE – Mobile Money Reversal Fraud – E. K. ASANTE

An Open Letter to MTN, AIRTELTIGO & VODAFONE - Mobile Money Reversal Fraud - E. K. ASANTE


Dear Management,

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Addressing a Growing Issue with Mobile Money Reversals in Ghana

This is to bring to your attention a concerning issue that is affecting the telecom industry in Ghana, particularly with regards to mobile money transactions. As a concerned citizen and a loyal customer of your telecom company, I believe it is essential to draw your attention to a matter that is impacting the trust and efficiency of mobile money services in our country.

In recent months, a new and alarming trend has emerged in the realm of mobile money transactions. There have been cases of individuals initiating transactions, often for the purchase of goods or services, and then subsequently requesting a reversal of the sent funds. This has raised concerns among both buyers and sellers, leading to a growing reluctance to utilize mobile money as a means of transaction.

The implications of this trend are far-reaching and detrimental to all parties involved. Buyers are hesitant to make payments in advance, fearing the possibility of losing their money due to dishonest reversal requests. Conversely, sellers who depend on mobile money as a convenient and efficient method for conducting their businesses are facing a decline in trust, potentially resulting in a loss of customers and revenue.

I urge the management teams of all telecom companies operating in Ghana, including MTN, Airtel Tigo, and Vodafone, to collectively address this issue and take proactive measures to curb fraudulent mobile money reversals. It is in the best interest of both your customers and your businesses to maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of mobile money transactions.

I propose the following actions to address this issue:

  1. Educate Users: Launch an extensive awareness campaign to educate users about the risks associated with mobile money reversals, emphasizing the importance of responsible and honest transactions.
  2. Strengthen Verification: Implement stricter verification processes for reversing transactions, ensuring that genuine cases are addressed while preventing abuse of the reversal system.
  3. Collaborate with Regulatory Authorities: Engage with regulatory authorities in Ghana to explore legal and regulatory measures that can help deter fraudulent mobile money reversals.
  4. Enhance Customer Support: Improve customer support services to expedite the resolution of disputes related to mobile money transactions, ensuring that they are resolved fairly and promptly.
  5. Encourage Trusted Transactions: Promote the use of trusted third-party platforms that can provide an additional layer of security for mobile money transactions.

It is imperative that the telecom industry takes collective action to protect the integrity of mobile money services in Ghana. Mobile money has become an integral part of our daily lives, supporting businesses, financial inclusion, and economic growth. Addressing this issue will ensure that it continues to play a positive and empowering role in our society.

I am confident that the responsible and proactive approach of your telecom company can help mitigate the challenges posed by fraudulent mobile money reversals. I look forward to hearing about the steps you intend to take to address this issue and would appreciate any updates or feedback on the progress made.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I remain hopeful that, together, we can maintain and improve the trust and reliability of mobile money services in Ghana.


Emmanuel Kojo Asante

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