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Adisadel College – Student Granted Bail by Court

Adisadel College - Student Granted Bail by Court

The student who was at the center of an alleged assault case at Adisadel College, which garnered widespread attention after a video was circulated on social media, has been granted bail by the Cape Coast District Court 2.

Presiding over the case was Judge Eric Oheneba Antwi Boasiako, who adjourned the proceedings to August 2, 2023.

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Due to challenges in assembling a sufficient number of individuals for a jury in this juvenile case, the court decided to grant bail to the student.

Earlier this week, the Cape Coast Police arrested the student and charged him with causing harm and assault.

Subsequently, he was released into the custody of the school’s Headmaster to be presented in court on Friday.

The arrest came in response to the distressing video showing one student violently attacking another in a dormitory.

The victim, who had initially been suspended, has now been called back to the school. The school is taking appropriate measures to ensure his well-being and provide support during his recovery period.

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