JUST IN – WAEC Warns of Marking Delay for 2023 BECE

WAEC Summons more than 2,000 Candidates over Exam Malpractice

John Kapi, the Head of Public Affairs at the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), has stated that the timely release of additional funds by the government is crucial to avoid delays in marking the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

During an interview on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Monday, Kapi mentioned that the government has already released 10,500,000 Ghana cedis, accounting for approximately 15% of the total payment for the 2023 BECE.

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However, he emphasized that the remaining 75% needs to be disbursed promptly to ensure a smooth process for the marking and processing of the exam scripts.

Kapi clarified that although the printing and conducting of the BECE are ongoing, there might be challenges in completing the marking and processing stages without additional funds.

Notably, over 600,000 students are currently participating in the BECE across the country.

To combat examination malpractices, WAEC has deployed officers to monitor areas known for such issues and is collaborating with the National Investigative Bureau (NIB) to curb yearly malpractice occurrences.

Kapi dismissed rumors suggesting that WAEC intends to conduct invasive searches on candidates, asserting that the Council only encourages thorough searches of every candidate taking the examination.

On a positive note, some students taking part in the BECE have expressed confidence in their preparedness and believe they are well-equipped to succeed in the exams.

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