2023 BECE: 2 teachers arrested for exam malpractice – C/R

2023 BECE: 2 teachers arrested for exam malpractice - C/R

On Monday, August 7th, 2023, law enforcement officials apprehended two individuals for participating in fraudulent activities during an exam at Dunkwa Secondary Technical Centre, located in the Upper Denkyira East Municipality of the Central Region.

The detainees, namely Albert Adu-Gyan and Yaw Adadai, who were associated with PEEBLE Calvary and Oxford Santech schools as instructors, were taken into custody after they were caught trying to sneak pre-solved exam questions into the examination hall.

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These questions were intended for candidates taking the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) at the aforementioned center.

The authorities seized several items from the suspects, including two mobile phones and the pre-solved questions written on separate sheets of paper.

Both of the accused are presently under arrest and are scheduled to appear in court.

Law enforcement has issued a warning to the general public, advising them against engaging in exam-related fraudulent activities during the ongoing BECE.

They emphasize that any individuals discovered participating in such misconduct will be apprehended.

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