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13-year-old boy saves a bus with 50 pupils from crashing at Bawjiasie

13-year-old boy saves a bus with 50 pupils from crashing at Bawjiasie

“Young Hero Augustine Nii Odoi Laryea Averts Disaster, Safeguarding School Bus and Fellow Students”

In a remarkable display of courage, Augustine Nii Odoi Laryea, a sixth-grade student, acted swiftly to prevent a potential disaster when he took control of the school bus and applied the brakes, ensuring the safety of himself and his fellow passengers.

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Augustine’s heroic actions unfolded last month during a routine trip home with his fellow students. Recounting the incident on the Onua TV’s Maakye show on Friday, August 11, 2023, Augustine shared how their bus driver, tragically now deceased, was driving recklessly—an uncharacteristic behavior.

As they approached the Opembo bridge en route from Kasoa to Bawjiase, the driver attempted to navigate around an oncoming ‘aroglass’ (a wooden cargo vehicle) due to ongoing bridge construction.

In that critical moment, Augustine perceived the impending danger: their bus was veering dangerously towards a pit beneath the bridge.

He noticed the driver’s sudden change in behavior, marked by foamy discharge from his mouth and visible weakness. Without hesitation, Augustine took action, firmly pressing the brake pedal, prompting a chorus of alarmed cries from his fellow students.

Despite facing insults from some amidst the chaos, his resolve remained unwavering.

“I saw foamy substance coming from his mouth, and he had become weak. When I saw that, I stepped on the brake of the bus, and everyone started screaming and shouting.

Some people were even insulting me,” Augustine shared during his appearance on Onua TV.

The school’s caterer, accompanied by another teacher, swiftly responded by securing the bus and guiding the evacuation of students.

Augustine’s urgent pleas for his classmates to disembark amid the chaotic scene ultimately ensured the safety of all those on board.

Tragically, the driver was rushed to Bawjiase Hospital and later transferred to Buduburam, where he was pronounced deceased.

Augustine’s remarkable bravery did not go unnoticed within the school community. A teacher took it upon themselves to guide him through various classes, encouraging fellow students to address him as a “hero” in accordance with the directive of the school’s headmistress.

Emelia Assah Laryea, Augustine’s mother, disclosed that another bus driver had recognized his son’s keen interest and knowledge in cars and driving.

Intrigued, the driver engaged Augustine in conversations about vehicles and even allowed him to explore the bus, showcasing his potential in these areas.

With an upcoming graduation event next month, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has decided to pay tribute to Augustine for his extraordinary bravery during the festivities, further highlighting his status as a true hero.

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