Watch – Shocking Dormitory Bullying Incident at Adisadel College

Deputy Minister Rev. John Ntim Fordjour Takes Action on Adisadel College Bullying Incident

In a disturbing video that has recently gone viral on social media, an alarming incident of student bullying at Adisadel College in the Central Region has shocked the nation.

The video captures a distressing scene in which one student is seen bullying another while a group of onlookers passively stands by, raising serious concerns about the culture of bullying within educational institutions.

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The video begins with a tense atmosphere as two students, one clearly agitated and aggressive, confront each other in a dormitory room.

The bully, identified by a student, appears to be verbally and physically intimidating his younger counterpart, demanding something that remains unclear in the footage.

The victim, visibly distressed, tries to defend himself, but the significant power imbalance is evident.

As the altercation unfolds, the most distressing aspect of the video is the presence of several other students who are mere spectators to the incident.

Rather than intervening to protect their fellow student, they seem to be either afraid to interfere or unwilling to disrupt the status quo.

The prevalence of bystanders unwilling to stand up against bullying is a matter of grave concern, as it perpetuates a toxic environment that allows such behavior to persist.

The video, which has been widely circulated on social media platforms, has sparked outrage among netizens, parents, and educators alike.

Many are demanding immediate action from the school administration to address this incident and prevent similar ones from occurring in the future..

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